Unlimited Wash Program

It Is Here!

Unlimited Wash Program

What is this?

You prepay one monthly fee...

You wash anytime, any day, and as often as you want.

This means that anytime the wash is open you can wash your vehicle for the one fee.

It rains the next day, come back and was.

Got construction goung on around you? Come wash more often.


Express $17.50   Regular Washs $42.50
Express Works $32.50   Tire Pkg. $53.50
Works with Tire Shine $42.50   Protection Pkg. $67.50

This is the equivalent of 2 1/2 washes a month, but you can come as many times as you want!

We may have some growing pains while getting this going but just be patient, it will be worth it.

Seniors - this is less than you pay if you come every week, but you will not have to wait in those long senior lines.

Military, School Teachers, Fire and Police Officers - see us for special pricing.

Purchased an Express Pass, but want to get the *Protection Package Wash*? Just pay the difference

Purchased a Regular Wash Pass, but want an *Express* wash? No problem.

This is a vehicle specific program, each vehicle will have a unique access code.

Uber / Lyft realtors and any other vehicle that regularly transport people for other than personal use, please see us for pricing.

There is a one time $10 enrollment / activation fee. Second Vehicle discounts will be available.