Gift Certificates

Mr. Sparkle gift cards can be purchased for any dollar amount at any store. You can also purchase them online below. The gift cards are good for any product or service at any of our locations for any period of time. Perfect gift for family and loved ones. Check out The Club Card for an extra special gift!

Express Wash Tickets ($7.00 Value Each)
  • 5 Certificate Express Washes (One Book) $35.00
  • 25 Certificate Express Washes (Five Books) $155.00
Regular Wash Tickets ($17.00 Value Each)
  • 5 Certificate Regular Washes $81.50
  • 10 Cerificate Regular Washes $164.50
Prices are different at Southland and Richmond Road for Tire Package and Proteciton Packages so we will not have any Gift Certificates for those services.
Gift Certificate

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